Personal & Self Employed Tax Return Checklist

Personal Tax Return Checklist
We have prepared the following checklist to help you assemble the information required. General

  • Last year’s tax return (if this is our first year)
  • Last year’s Notice of Assessment (NOA)
  • Details of changes to personal status – marriage, separation, birthdates, children birthdates, new address, telephone number, disabilities, death
  • Amounts paid by tax installments

  • T4 Employment income
  • T5 Interest or dividends
  • T3 Mutual fund income
  • T600 Canada Savings Bond interest
  • T4OAS Old Age Security (age 65)
  • T4A(P) Canada or Quebec Pension
  • T4A Pension, retiring allowance, scholarships
  • T4RIF Registered Retirement Income Fund
  • T4RSP Withdrawal from a RRSP
  • T5007 Workers compensation, social assistance
  • T5013 Partnership income
  • T4E Employment Insurance Benefits
  • T4PS Profit Sharing Plan

  • RRSP contribution slips
  • Professional fees or union dues (if not on T4)
  • Donations to Charities
  • Medical expenses (drugs, dental, glasses, therapy, private health plan premiums)
  • Summarize by family member and exclude any amounts reimbursed
  • Child care information
  • Child activity expenses (max $500 per child under 16)
  • Tuition fees (post-secondary)
  • Interest on money borrowed to earn investment income
  • Safety deposit box (if you own investments)
  • Investment management fees
  • Public transit monthly passes
  • Labor sponsored tax credits
  • Spousal or child support paid
  • Political contribution receipts

Investments (excluding RRSP accounts)
  • Stocks – Capital gains summary report (from broker) or transaction slips/details
  • Mutual Funds – Annual statement showing gains/losses

For all investments sold, switched or exchanged during the year
  • Real estate sales – agreement of purchase and sale (for both original purchase and sale)

  • Spousal or child support received
  • Property tax or rent paid (if family net income < $40,000)
  • Employment expenses (auto / supplies / home office) (form T2200 required – signed by employer)
  • Moving expenses (T1M) if you moved 40 km closer to new place of work
  • RRSP Home buyer information
  • Details of any foreign income

Home Office

Electricity, heat, water, maintenance & repairs, insurance, mortgage interest, % use of home for business

Vehicle Expenses

Fuel, insurance, license & registration, maintenance & repairs, parking, total kms driven for business and personal

Rental Properties

Details of owners/partners, gross revenue, advertising, interest, maintenance & repairs, office expenses, property taxes, travel costs, utilities.